Halvas with Pistachio

Halvas with Pistachio

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  • hand-made Greek halva with pistachios (10%) 450 gram box.
  • made in Piraeus, Greece by Kosmidis Drapetsonas.
  • a healthy, nutritious and delicious snack or after dinner treat.
  • energy giving, rich in magnesium, healthy fats and B vitamins.

Kosmidis halva is one of the best in the world. This halva is
made by hand in Piraeus using a traditional recipe brought over
from Constantinople, and the company has been making halva
continuously since 1924. This vanilla halva is rich in crushed
sesame seeds, and pistachio nuts (10%). It is a delicious, very
nutritious and health snack or after-dinner treat. Halva is rich
in important minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, B vitamins
and healthy fats. For these reasons it is often used as a fasting
food, and for giving energy and relieving fatigue. No palm oil,
the only oil used is sesame seed oil.